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Data presentation

Saving and retrieving fitting sessions

At any point in data analysis, the TotalFit object (fiitting session) may be saved on a disk using standard MATLAB operation save. To continue analysis or examine results --- retrieve the save fitting session using load command of MATLAB. All the properties and data is available through MATLAB workspace from this point. The fitting session may be continued or any other desired action taken. In fact, this is the way how TotalFit objects are copied through its make_a_copy() method: the object is saved, then loaded and returned as a copy of itself.

Presentation of data

Individual figures

Individual figures may be output into a specific folder with specific names using results_output.output_figure() function. This function makes a folder with a requested name and outputs figures in four formats: small PNG, large PNG, FIG and EPS. You may output more than one figure into the same folder (just use different figure name and keep the folder name the same.

Entire set of fitting results

A saved fitting session may be loaded and its contents may be used to create plots and figures separately from the fitting run the session originates from. Use results_output.re_export_results() function that requires a structure with setup parameters and the loaded session. The structure with setup parameters is a collection of parameters (example:  NMRLineShapes1D_main_U_model_1D_LR_LB_SF) that was used to run data fitting. However, in this case only parameters related to display of fitting results are used. This way you may separate data display from fitting runs: perform a series of different fitting runs without creating figures and create figures later in a separate MATLAB session.

This separation of fitting from data display enables more stable operation of MATLAB because it may crash during export of figures of fitting results (usu due to memory utilization issues if too many figures are displayed). The re_export_results.m performs data presentation in a memory-concious way---every figure is created, saved and closed before the next one is created.