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Dataset Series

Datasets frequently come related to each other by origin, technique, conditions etc. TotalFit class allows to define a subset of loaded datasets as a series and manipulate them all together. The series definition is just a list of dataset names. The datasets do not know they were assigned to a series. Therefore you may have a dataset included in more than one series, for example: data taken at the same temperature and also series of datasets taken at the same solution conditions. Use define_series() method to assign datasets to a series. NOTE: The datasets must be of the same type and have the same active model to be included in the series. IMPORTANT WARNING: If you later switch model for the entire series you may inadvertentlly affect other series that include the same dataset. It is OK if you switch models for all of them. Use extreme caution when working with overlapping series!!!

To view datasets in the series use show_series_datasets() method.

Datasets in the series may be plotted together using plot_1D_series() method. This is a generic method assuming only 1 column in X data. For more complex data - use specialized plotting methods.

NOTE: When a series has some parameter incremented between experiments than it is essentially a second independent variable. In cases, when this variable only takes an handful of values while the first one has large number of values - the use of series is most convenient. However, in cases where the second variable is also widely varied in small increments it is more practical to define a Dataset subclass that would directly handle 2-dimensional data.


For specific usage see TotalFit.m