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Reporting of fitting results

Results of fitting may be reported in different ways. First, the fitting method automatically updates values of the best_fit_parameters in each dataset so one may plot results of fitting graphically on per-dataset basis using dataset_plot_fit() method and obtain result report from dataset_show_fit_statistics() method in a text format.

If datasets are members of the series then a cumulative plot of fits may be displayed using plot_1D_series() method and obtain a report for parameters fit in the series via series_show_fit_statistics() method.

A cumulative report for fitting of all datasets in the TotalFit session may be obtained from show_fit_statistics_per_dataset() method.

Finally, the report of fitting results only including variable parameters optimized in TotalFit session is obtained through show_fit_statistics(). This method will show fitting results for variable parameters and R-square for every individual dataset (because it is unclear how to define total R-square). It also shows contribution of each dataset to the total sum of squares.


For a specific usage see TotalFit.m