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Irrespective of whether you ran fitting procedure or simply adjusted parameters manually (or any other way) you can examine resulting statistics (sum of squares, contributions of individual datasets and individual correlation coefficients). All this data may be exported into the files using export_fit_results() method. It will output dataset/model statistics and any of the graphs you provide handles of (handles to the graphs are returned by all plotting methods).

The current state of the TotalFit object is also saved in the folders as 'session.mat'. You can load it in IDAP or MATLAB and continue data analysis from where it was when you saved it. This is a convenient way of branching your analysis in order to try different protocols on the same set of data: simply copy this session.mat into different folders and perform your further analysis there.

When performing fitting with many datasets or models with very many parameters it is likely that MATLAB will try to plot too many windows and freeze. To avoid that use step-wise results-saving and plotting procedure. First, use export_fit_results() after the Monte-Carlo run is finished, then use 'close all' and plot/save/close histograms, correlations and fit results using save_figures(). This method will save images in figures given in a cell array to the specified path in a subfolder figure_names. Path must exist, figures_name/ will be created if does not exist.

For an example see Tutorial 5.


For a specific usage see TotalFit.m