Installation of the LineShapeKin Sparky Extensions

In order to install Sparky extensions you just need to unpack and copy its contents into the (user)/Sparky/Python folder (make sure to backup the original extensions in a different folder as some of my extensions replace standard ones (being improved versions of the standard ones).  Not all of them are needed for LineShapeKin package operation. In the future release I will resolve dependencies and supply only essential ones.

NOTE: You have to quit and start Sparky again to load the extensions. The menu Extensions will now have an item Kovrigin where in Calculations you will see LineShapeKin (shortcut ee):

NOTE: You have to have PythonLib installed on you system to have them working (see PythonLib_installation.html)


Bugs and Fixes:

03/30/2011 - Dependency of on xmgr and curvefit modules removed.